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CN-106053474-A: Protecting method of optical-fiber grating sensor attached to surface of composite-material structure patent, CN-106054033-A: 耐压试验导线伸缩绝缘支架及安全试验方法 patent, CN-106054232-A: 水监视器 patent, CN-106054423-A: 一种显示模组及显示装置 patent, CN-106054440-A: 一种阵列基板及其制备方法和显示装置 patent, CN-106054514-A: Multichannel software projection device patent, CN-106055054-A: 具补强支撑结构的新型散热装置 patent, CN-106055096-A: 一种实现输入的方法和装置 patent, CN-1060550-A: Converging spout outlet nozzle on offset pump casing patent, CN-106057790-A: 一种光源 patent, CN-106058228-A: 一种核壳结构硅碳复合材料及其制备方法与用途 patent, CN-106058402-A: Double layer cavity combiner and a common port coupling device thereof patent, CN-106059741-A: Network-wide inter-cell interference minimization via coordinated multipoint cell scheduling coordination patent, CN-106060098-A: Processing method, processing device and processing system for verification codes patent, CN-106060433-A: Composite CMOS image sensor patent, CN-106061531-A: 粉末吸入器和粉末吸入组 patent, CN-106061810-A: 一种车辆制动装置 patent, CN-106062236-A: 耐腐蚀性热喷涂涂层、其形成方法及其形成用热喷涂装置 patent, CN-106063272-A: Method for encoding multi-view video and apparatus therefor and method for decoding multi-view video and apparatus therefor patent, CN-106063321-A: 一种用户设备迁移方法、核心网设备、接入网设备及系统 patent, CN-106064617-A: 移动检测系统和方法 patent, CN-106065052-A: Solar photovoltaic cell encapsulating material patent, CN-106065318-A: patent, CN-106065696-A: patent, CN-106066928-A: 一种基于移动终端的健康数据提醒方法及移动终端 patent, CN-106068271-A: 2'-substituted-2,2'-dehydrated uridine or 2'-substituted-2,2'-dehydrated cytidine compound and preparation method and use thereof patent, CN-106068422-A: Arrangement and process for carrying out an intensified combustion patent, CN-106069321-A: 一种猕猴桃扦插育苗方法 patent, CN-106073104-A: Improvement structure of luggage pull-rod switch patent, CN-106073621-A: 一种新型门窗保洁机器人 patent, CN-106073796-A: System and method for detecting hearing health on basis of bone conduction patent, CN-106073813-A: 计算机断层扫描检测器设备 patent, CN-106074498-A: Application of calcein and oseltamivir in drug for preventing and treating H7N9 influenza patent, CN-106074583-A: Application of phenylpropanoids compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts in preparation of drugs for treating inflammation diseases patent, CN-106075344-A: 一种治疗中风偏瘫的中药药酒及其制备方法 patent, CN-106075664-A: Automatic injection device having overmolded gripping surfaces patent, CN-106076381-A: 废弃橡胶轮胎掺杂的超薄片状碳氮可见光催化剂及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-106077347-A: 斜顶脱开机构 patent, CN-106081015-A: Underwater vehicle recovery rod patent, CN-106082379-A: Method for stripping chemical acid wastewater containing ammonia through steam patent, CN-106084435-A: Pe类抗老化功能母粒及其制备方法 patent, CN-106084866-A: 用于岩茶类黄观音高端茶包装盒或罐制造工艺方法及产品 patent, CN-106085823-A: 全发酵双门车库式沼气装置 patent, CN-106087145-A: 从自由端纺纱机的工作台移除不良纱线部分的方法和装置 patent, CN-106089042-A: Self-moving diagonal location drilling trolley for floor anchor rod patent, CN-106089612-A: 一种特征吸收光谱的辐射吸热器、斯特林发动机及运行方法 patent, CN-106091110-A: 采用纤维布风器的对流辐射空调室内机 patent, CN-106091259-A: 一种用于空调的控制方法、装置及空调 patent, CN-106091963-A: 基于非接触视觉的起落架故障检测方法 patent, CN-106092256-A: 井下油水界面检测仪 patent, CN-106092586-A: Functional test bed and test method for engine brake patent, CN-106092640-A: 电力电网特高压输配电线路复合绝缘子切片采样装置 patent, CN-106092918-A: 一种微型紫外‑可见/红外无损检测光谱仪 patent, CN-106092953-A: 一种预应力梁灌浆密实度检测系统及检测方法 patent, CN-106093068-A: Imaging system of lithium battery pole piece surface defect detection device and using method of imaging system patent, CN-106093555-A: Monitor Circuit patent, CN-106093615-A: 超级电容储能模块的健康状态估计方法 patent, CN-106094255-A: 智能眼镜 patent, CN-106095735-A: Method for detecting academic document plagiarism based on deep neural networks patent, CN-106096585-A: 一种身份验证方法以及终端 patent, CN-106096641-A: 一种基于遗传算法的多模态情感特征融合方法 patent, CN-106097581-A: 智能运动奖励售货机 patent, CN-106098874-A: 一种发光二极管的外延片及制备方法 patent, CN-1060990-A: 竹片砌纹大板 patent, CN-106099531-A: 电气插座推送装置 patent, CN-106100595-A: Power amplifier provided with broadband coupler patent, CN-106101391-A: Method for solving jitter of bias voltage of microphone of Android mobile phone patent, CN-106102027-A: 基于MapReduce的短信批量提交方法 patent, CN-106102096-A: System and method for ultra low power mode transmission patent, CN-106102510-A: 配备有加热元件的睫毛膏装置及其控制方法 patent, CN-106102810-A: Artificial-intelligence portable nebulizer patent, CN-106104119-A: High pressure fluid spray nozzle incorporating a flow controlled switching valve patent, CN-106104878-A: 燃料电池 patent, CN-106105709-A: 一种绿色果菜的室内种植方法 patent, CN-106105722-A: 草莓苗育苗方法 patent, CN-106106050-A: A rotary watering device for roads patent, CN-106106076-A: Cuttage breeding method of sophora flavescens patent, CN-106106089-A: Indoor air purification plant cultivation medium patent, CN-106106725-A: Grain maintaining mildewproof and antiseptic deoxidant patent, CN-106108420-A: Multi-angle displayed leisure kitchen patent, CN-106108675-A: Energy-saving pot lid patent, CN-106109026-A: Small-jaw dental forceps provided with bracket patent, CN-106109499-A: Sea cucumber enzymatic hydrolysate eyedrops and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106109819-A: 一种治疗肠胃湿热的药物 patent, CN-106109906-A: White-atractylodes-rhizome, tangerine-peel, radix-ophiopogonis and Chinese-magnoliavine-fruit powder and preparing method thereof patent, CN-106111504-A: Surface spraying method for straight welded pipe patent, CN-106112088-A: Gantry type numerical control thin plate part slotting and dadoing machine tool automatic synchronous pressing device patent, CN-106114162-A: 一种汽车后背门牌照灯安装结构 patent, CN-106114215-A: 一种防油门失效制动装置 patent, CN-106116118-A: 光学非球面玻璃模压成型设备 patent, CN-106116488-A: 浮石轻质通孔陶粒 patent, CN-106117341-A: Il‑9的抗原表位肽及其应用 patent, CN-106118621-A: 一种聚醚醇胺钻井液 patent, CN-106118881-A: 一种姜精油生产工艺 patent, CN-106119220-A: Kidney bean epoxide hydrolase mutant with improved catalytic activity and enantio-convergent property patent, CN-106119952-A: 一种单晶炉二次加料方法 patent, CN-106119967-A: 连续两步制备单晶碳化硅/石墨烯复合纳米纤维的方法 patent, CN-106121176-A: 双重锁扣实木地板 patent, CN-106121633-A: High-precision high temperature water level gauge for geothermal well monitoring system patent, CN-106122789-A: 一种增加照明范围的led灯 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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